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Majority of business owners like you, who are considering to retire, procrastinate any concrete steps toward it because of uncertainty. Unless you been selling the businesses for a living, it is understandable that you have some hesitation about how it should be done.
We would like you to learn about our process, so you can see that you will get professional support on every phase of selling your business.

You make your mind

Selling your business is not an easy task by itself. It can be even more troublesome if you do not commit yourself to its completion. Unless you made the ultimate decision to go all the way, a lot of time and resources can be wasted.
Our strong recommendation for you would be to speak to your advisers and family and see if selling the business is a good and timely decision before you will engage us.

Prepare your business for the market

You can drastically increase the appeal of your business for investors if you fix all loopholes before putting it on the sale. Most of the investors looking for opportunities with a healthy return on investment, clean books, experienced management team, and signs that the business will work in the owner's absence.
Luckily we have very detailed recommendations about how you can do it.

Engage us

We will develop your pricing strategy and marketing plan. The sticker price is only the tip of an iceberg. Considering how high the stakes are for you, we will show you different approaches, which can maximize your payout after the transition.
The marketing approach can vary substantially depending on the level of confidentiality you want to maintain until the deal is closed.

We bring prospect investors

That is where we shine the most. Due to our extensive numerous liaisons, and extensive experience working with international investors, Florida Buy and Sell guarantees you that you will get inquiries from the qualified investors.
Yes, qualified. It is our job to screen out tire kickers. You will be spared from endless meetings with prospect investors, which have neither financial capacity nor sufficient motivation to complete the deal.

Offer and negotiation

After preliminary meetings with investors, you will receive an offer. We will work closely with you and your advisors in order to help you to shape a contra-offer, which will be the most beneficial for you, and in the meantime will not repel the investor.
Considering the possibility that you will deal with a foreign investor it is very beneficial for you to have a multilingual broker. Which we are.

Contract and due diligence

Upon acceptance of the offer and all contra-offers, you will have a so-called soft contract. Which means investors have a right to perform their due diligence in order to verify the claimed profitability of your business.
This is the moment when you fully appreciates the effort you have made at the preparation stage. If you prepared your business, you will spare yourself from the embarrassment while investors pull your skeletons from the closets.

Closing and transition

After successful completion of the due diligence (thanks to prudent preparations), you will proceed to the closing procedure. A closing attorney will draft all necessary documents. You will receive your money after both parties will sign those documents and all public records will be updated.
After the closing, there is a period (two weeks or longer) when you stay with the new owner, giving them training. During this time you will transfer all accounts, which are in your name to the new owner.

You are free as a bird

Now, it is the time to harvest the fruits of your long-time efforts. You can take a trip around the world, or spend your entire days in a rocking chair with a book. The choice is yours.
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