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Olga (fashion business)

Website: https://stylebyolga.com/
Address: https://www.facebook.com/StyleByOlgaO/

I do believe that each of us has the potential to become a millionaire one day. Of cause, there are some hurdles to overcome. What I have learned from my personal experience is that hard work is mandatory, but not enough to reach your goals. If you grew your enterprise from a start-up, most likely you will be overwhelmed with day-to-day chores, and will not prepare your business for the market.

I am thankful to Nikolay Safonov (Florida Buy and Sell), for guiding us through all step of transforming out family business into corporation attractive for investors. We followed his directions (hire and train management, set reporting system, establish human resources management).

Now, when we sold our company, my husband and I can pursue other opportunities. I am building my fashion design online portal and I LOVE IT! Sure thing I will call Nikolay again when my business will be ready for market J


Olga Ovchiyan

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