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Tatiana Kuzmina

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tetyana.kuzmyna

I already had my own business in the US when I met Alyona Safonova.  From my previous experience, I knew that I could build a business from ground up, but I did not have any idea that it could be simple as just buying it.  Instead of the planned three months, it took us almost two years to build our first US project.  On the contrary, buying the second business was an absolute pleasure. Alyona gave me many options to choose from. All opportunities were meeting my budget and other requirements, and the deal was easy, understandable and well organized.

Since I did not have any idea about the restaurant industry, the best benefit for me was the fact that Alyona did her best in helping me with information, contacts, and meeting the right people.

It is hard to estimate her contribution to each of her client’s business. She always was available for a phone call and supported us in every single moment before buying a business opportunity, and for a long time after the purchase.


I can just keep repeating “thank you” thousands of times.

Tatiana Kuzmina


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