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Atlantic Roofing

Website: http://www.atlanticroofingservices.net/
Address: 9420 Lazy Ln # E13, Tampa, FL 33614

May God be my witness; I was terribly worried about my move to America. There were so many imaginary and real obstacles, that I probably would have never undertaken this endeavor by myself. My main concern was a lack of grasp of the English language, which can be a serious problem when you invest in a closely held company. “How will I communicate with the staff and the customers?” I thought.

Luckily, Alena Safonova (Florida Buy and Sell Business Brokers) directed my entire project, and was my guardian angel. Thanks to her heroic efforts, the deal was structured in such a way that I retained the key employees, and now the business runs even better than ever.

Today my fears are dispelled, and I have very smooth communication with my team. I strongly recommend anybody who considers investment in private equity in the United States to employ the services of the Florida Buy and Sell Business Brokers. They are the best!


Tagir Abkadirov

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