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Feola Italian Ristorante

Address: 10700 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706

I was told by many skeptics, that all good places are already taken, and when you are buying a business, you are getting only refusals.  Even though in a sense it is true (it is difficult to find good business opportunity), it is not an ultimate verdict, and there is some hope for everybody.

Alena Safonova (Florida Buy and Sell) walked me through the long line of opportunities, thoroughly explaining their benefits and drawbacks.  Some of them were looking quite good at a first glance, and some happened to be less attractive after close examination.

Finally, I bought Feola Italian Ristorante.  Believe it or not, the establishment is located right on the beach in a very popular tourist area.  Alena entirely defeated the opinions of those skeptics.

I am thankful to Alena and entire Florida Buy and Sell team, for the exceptional quality of their work, and dedication to their clients’ interest.


Vadim Mun

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