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Home inspectors

I built my home inspection business from the ground up. I have been doing good, but far below my personal ambitions. Holding an architect degree, I dreamed to do custom projects, and let my talent shine. However, I could not break out of a vicious circle of running my daily chores. It is not like I didn’t know what to do, but it was extremely difficult to change my routine, and dedicate sufficient efforts to transforming my family business into a marketable corporation.

I have had several consultations with Nikolay Safonov (Business Broker from Florida Buy and Sell). He set specific goals for me in order to make my company attractive to investors. Now, when I am looking back, I understand how important those efforts were.

Am I fully retired and playing bingo all day long? Of course not. What I can tell for sure, is that the quality of my life has changed drastically. The level of stress went way down. Now I can spend more quality time with my wife and kids. We travel, have fun together and enjoy each day of our life more and more.

I strongly recommend anybody, who is considering retirement or just slowing down, to employ Nikolay Safonov to market one’s business. He is the best.

Anthony Gimenez

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