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Kitchen cabinets

Website: http://cabinet-solutions.com/
Address: 2430 17th St, Sarasota, FL 34234

When I was looking for a business to buy in the United States, I was very uncomfortable because company valuation in Russia is very different from what I found in America.  My expectations about the return on investment, the structure of expenses, and cash-flow were based on my personal experience, and is a great help.  However, it distorted my vision of the American companies.

Fortunately, I was represented by Alena and Nikolay Safonov from Florida Buy and Sell.  They did a great deal of job to familiarize me with the reality of the American market of closely held companies.  They presented me over sixty businesses and walked me through their financial and business records.

I was amused by their ability to manage deals remotely.  At the day of closing, the seller and I were away from our homes.  Still, Nikolay Safonov arranged an exchange of documents across all of our borders, and we digitally signed all documents.

Today I enjoy working at my own American company, which is profitable and allows my creativity to shine. I recommend Alena and Nikolay to anybody who is looking to acquire a private enterprise in the United States, because they are professionals.



Galina Kukushkina

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